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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fun Modular Projects 2

Modular buildings can be constructed of rigid steel. When we construct a facility that needs to go UP the two most critical design elements are the foundation system and the structural integrity...both items you never see but never want to fail.

This project we did is an example of our multi-story modular construction. If you like time lapse construction videos, watch this project going in from day 1 through occupancy. VIDEO LINK

Project Challenges:
Working around existing conditions. The site was in a parking lot with all kinds of utility spaghetti under the surface. We had to ensure the hospital was never faced with losing power or communications to the other buildings while we worked on our proeject.

Fun Design Elements:
While this client chose to not get LEED certified in the end, the project was constructed so that all elements met LEED certification. By using a modular they gained points they would not have otherwise received and everything in the building was energy star, sustainable, and "green".

Phased Construction:
Due to funding processes, we had to design the entire building as if a huge part of the structure (the training rooms) may or may not be included. Waiting until federal funding was approved to construct 1/3rd of the building.

Monsoon Weather:
The project was installed during monsoon season. The crews had to work around high winds and weather, but since so much of the facility was completed in the plant there were very few weather delay days.

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