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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun Modular Projects 4

When many of our clients think about getting a new modular building they come to us with rectangular box designs and that is that is considered the industry standard. Unfortunately in our industry there are still many manufacturing companies that only specialize in the "BOX" mentality. While that type of building has a place in the world of modular there are more interesting projects out there that should be shared. We provided a project on the Navajo Nation that was for a community center. The elders in the community are comfortable with the hogan design. This project is Birdsprings Chapter House. We utilized our 'in-house" architect to design the actual modular project, and worked with architect Randall Ewers to provide all the conceptual and site design work.

Unique Challenges:
Steel Roof: We prefabricated the roof sections so they could be crane set on site
Expansive Soil: We custom designed footers to accommodate the expansive soil conditions saving money on site work
Porches on expansive soil: We prefabricated porches into the modular frames & finished on site using hybrid construction

Fun Design Elements:
The hogan shape was the most unique part of this project design. Incorporating a commercial kitchen made this building a great multi-function building for the community

Modular Solutions, Ltd is a Native American owned company. If your community needs assistance with design or construction we can fabricate a permanent modular or traditional site built structure to meet any space need.

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