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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Does A Modular Building Meet Daycare Codes?

Modular buildings are used across the USA for daycare centers. Many daycare centers are financed entirely through the modular building company or a 3rd party leasing company. Financial companies know that constructing a successful daycare center is based on "location", and not if the building is site built or modular. Modular buildings have to meet the same building code as a site contractor, and then one up! What does that mean? Imagine a building driving down the road and traveling to the site. Modular buildings have additional structural value built into the building so that it can safely transport to the site and have no damages to the facility or the structural integrity. A site constructed building is only framed to set in one place, much less structural bracing and enhancements.

Modular buildings are financed now the same as a site built structure. Most lenders will include the modular building, the site, the site work, and the FFE (furniture/fixtures/equipment) in your total finance package. There are some great formulas they use to identify maximum cash outlay for total return on investment.

By choosing a company with daycare experience you can probably find a floor plan that is close to what you need, with minimal layout change. Selecting a company with experience, saves additional money on architectural review if the team has in-house architects. Modular building companies that have been in the modular industry for 10 or 15 years have constructed hundreds of daycare and head start facilities & have already included the healthcare & building codes in your design.

Modular daycare centers offer fun & flexible play space for infants through school age children and offer savings in time & money!

To learn more about modular daycare centers, contact our team at Modular Solutions. We have been providing quality daycare centers since 1996.

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