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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who Has Jurisdiction Over The Construction Of A Modular Building?

Modular buildings are constructed to meet building codes for local/county/state/federal regulations. Sometimes it gets a little tricky to figure out who has final jurisdiction over how a modular building will be constructed and what code it should meet.
In general many states have a regulating department that oversees modular construction. For example in AZ there is the manufactured housing division, In New Mexico there is the construction industries division. Each state in the USA has the "right" to have an oversight division for modular construction. In the case where there is no oversight agency usually the county or local jurisdiction will then take over authority. Each county and local city will have special provisions for modular construction. For example some areas will only allow modular buildings in a location if they are set on permanent foundation systems, others have CCR or visual requirements that the modular building must comply with.

One clear cut line in the sand is tribal and federal agencies. If your modular building is going to a Native American community or a federal site (ie AFB), that location has total jurisdiction. Whatever process they have set up for you to follow, is the process you must take.

When you choose a modular building company that has experience they should be able to tell you:
1. Who has jurisdiction over approval of the modular building
2. Abbreviated version of the permit requirements and process
3. Documents required and building code compliance for getting permits

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been providing custom modular buildings since 1996, and worked with tribal, federal, local/county/state, agencies across the USA.
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