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Monday, May 12, 2014

How Do I Make My Modular Building Workplace Safer? (5) great tips

Whether you are in a site built or modular building the safety of employees is a great concern. We have some great general tips that will help encourage employees that your organization is doing everything they can to offer a safer work place environment no matter what the external existing conditions might be.

1. Trim back all hedges and landscape. If there are no hiding places employees can get to vehicles safely and know they are visible.
2. Have great exterior lighting. Whether that is parking lot lighting on a pole, or wall sconces mounted to the modular building, light will help divert criminal activity to a different location.
3. Fences and gates should have lighting. If possible have an automatic gate system. This way an employee does not have to exit their vehicle after leaving the modular building.
4. Employees in remote areas can arm their modular building with a security alarm feature. This can be set off in emergencies to divert criminal activity, making your employees feel more confident.
5. Open the floor to suggestions, have a wall box on your modular building or in staff meeting to allow staff to make suggestions for a safer workplace environment.

If you have a new modular building this can be incorporated into the design, if you have an existing modular building the modular building or site can be retrofitted to accommodate.

For more information on designing a safer modular building, contact our team:

Modular Solutions, Ltd
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