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Monday, May 5, 2014

Drywall Textures, Are There Choices For My Modular Building?

One of the fun aspects of my job is teaching clients the versatility of interior finishes. Many modular building factories do not offer a choice when it comes to interior wall covering. The factory is only equipped to offer knockdown texture or VCG (vinyl covered gypsum), to keep their modular building line moving faster. Clients that are ordering a custom modular building will often ask is there any other option for interior finishes. There are literally so many choices (wall paper, plaster, material, custom paint, etc) we can cover this topic in the blog for a few weeks, but to keep to this question, what options are there for drywall textures.
In the gypsum industry they assign "levels" of drywall preparation which are fairly standard.
Levels 0-5 are various stages of preparation as to how smooth and polished the final finish will be.

As far as textures go some common finishes in the industry are:
1. Painted drywall: (for storage or non traffic areas)
2. Knock down texture: can be easily replaced of damaged with uneven finish level and no specific pattern
3. orange peel texture: Common in government offices. Greater attention to detail and similar level of texture pattern & level throughout. More complex to fix or repair
4. drywall swirl (sand swirl, mud swirl), pattern is in little fan like sweeps and consistent in thickness, texture, and pattern.
5. Sand finish: very common with hospitals or clinical environment where they do not want any chance for germs to get trapped into the texture of the drywall. Used with scrubbable paint.

There are entire websites and organizations dedicated to the various levels of drywall texture and the qualities of each. Research and an experienced team will help you make the right choice.

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