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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Should I Choose Wood Or Concrete Siding For My Modular Building?

In the modular building industry many clients ask should they go with the traditional wood siding products or should they choose a newer yet still proven concrete panel siding. Both have advantages and disadvantages. When you are making this choice factors such as location ,use, climate, budget, desired look all have a play in your decision. Poor installation has been the culprit of "siding gone bad" on some occasions, so make sure you purchase from a reputable modular building company.

Advantages of hardboard sidings:
* Comes in taller sizes so you don't have to have a trim board at 8' if you want lower maintenance costs
* Can be easily painted, as required to keep appearance fresh and new
* Is readily available off the shelf, most often no lead times required
* Easy to replace if damaged by storm or accident
* Appearance is always the same, from year to year, batch to batch
* Affordable option

Disadvantages of hardboard sidings:
* Requires annual or semi-annual paint to look fresh
* Wood not good in wet or wood pecker climates
* Boring appearance, "trailer" feel

Advantages of cement sidings:
* Critter resistant- termites etc
* Fire resistant, not PROOF- but resistant
* Easy to paint and refresh appearance
* Have lap or stucco or smooth panels for variety
* Holds up well in wet climates

Disadvantages of cement sidings:
* More expensive than wood siding
* Brittle, requires substraight and wrap under material
* Sometimes long lead on projects & not always "shelf" ready in all locations
* Sometimes minimum quantities apply on orders, making it more expensive to fix a damaged panel
* NOT tongue & groove, joints sometimes separate or don't appear straight/level

Both are used equally weighted for various reasons. In the end you want to know you made the choice based on an educated decision process. Modular Solutions, Ltd can provide samples, and examples of projects with both types of siding and you are able to judge for yourself what you want to use. Additionally SIDINGS are NOT the only choice. READ OTHER POSTS for options available or contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd for more details:

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