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Friday, May 16, 2014

How Large Should I Make My Offices In My Modular Building?

A modular building that is used for office space has typical sizes if you lease or purchase "stock" equipment. Most buildings that are "inventory" equipment include offices that are approximately 12' x 10'. Building codes says you need to use 100 square ft per person as a head count, the question is what is the office function. Here are a few rule of thumb examples that we have used for architectural space planning over the years. Every case is unique, but rule of thumb is always a good place to start.

1. Support staff or part time staff can usually get away with 80 - 100 sq ft office spaces or share an office with 150 square ft every two people. If you make the space too small you may lose productivity with disorganization.
1a. If you have a built in work desk for multiple employees, make sure they each have at least 3' wide for work space.
2. Full time employees with a desk and a computer station & files typically need 100-150 square ft for comfortable flow
3. Managers or Directors Will usually add a small conference table or store lots of referral material, so their offices are usually 150 square ft - 250 square ft
4. Executives have earned the right for space, so typically executive office have windows, corner office, exterior doors, their own restroom, and this will be 400-500 square ft.

Another good gauge is what industry are you in? For example medical offices will be larger than telemarketing offices or sales reps that are in the filed most of the day.

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