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Monday, May 19, 2014

Modular Solutions For Project Management

We are frequently asked "why do I need a project manager or site superintendent for my modular building project"? While the modular building industry is built "off-site", it is identical to site construction. The goal is to accelerate the schedule and manage sub contractors on site to meet or beat a project schedule. Here are a few reasons why it is great to have a project manager and site superintendent on your modular building projects.
1. A safe site: Site managers watch for safety violations and make sure no accidental injuries or death happen on your project site.
2. Off-site quality control: Since you can not be at the factory every day, watching each phase of the modular building construction it is reassuring to know that you have a site manager and project manager that are watching the quality and code compliance of your modular building. Nothing is more disappointing than having to wait on-site while a modular building is being "fixed" to meet the specification and criteria you ordered. Also once everything is covered up, you don't know if the quality standards were met.
3. Coordination of schedule: Coordinating a modular building schedule is the same as site construction. There are many sub contractors, permits, inspections, etc to schedule and coordinate as a part of the modular building installation. It is reassuring to know that those details are handled by your site superintendent and project manager.
4. Budget Management: If a project manager is not on board, some sub contractors (perhaps low bid type), will try to keep the cost low in the beginning and then change order, or deliver a lower quality of workmanship than is acceptable in the industry. The ability to have a team that manages the sub contractors and hold them to the quality, and budget proposed on the project is peace of mind.
5. Experience: Site Managers, and Project managers are experienced in construction & modular solutions. By having an construction export on board watching your project from inception through warranty you know that the outcome will exceed your expectations.

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