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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun Exterior Finishes For Commercial Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are traditionally finished with "wood" siding or "cement-panel" siding, because they are a great value option. The materials are purchased on a bulk quantity basis, and are shelf ready; meaning you can get them anywhere, anytime.

There are however some really fun and different exterior finishes available if you have the funds for your permanent modular building or if you just really want to make a statement with your temporary modular sales office or facility. Let your imagination go wild and explore a combination of textures and finishes to have an architectural wonder when your new modular facililty is completed.

What is considered the "norm" in certain parts of the USA, is considered unattractive or unfit for other parts of the USA. For example in the dry southwest climates you see a huge percentage of modular buildings being finished with a stucco exterior;In the mid west steel siding if very popular;In the northeast brick veneers are common place. Some of the choices are impacted by weather, others are impacted by historical architectural elements, and still others are a matter of controlling life cycle costing.

Choosing an exterior finish for your new modular building is limitless, as long as you choose an experienced modular building manufacturer that understands there are choices, and has the experience to successfully complete those finishes for your organization.

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