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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CES, A Procurement Partner for Modular Buildings

In the State of New Mexico there is a great opportunity for local and state agencies and school districts to save time & money. CES of New Mexico has a commodity contract for portable buildings. Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a proud procurement for this contract for the last five years. Modular buildings or portable buildings are easy to relocate and can help with long term or short term space planning goals. CES also has has a JOC contract for all general contracting & site work. This enables a turnkey approach to facilitating the modular building and all site work. Modular Solutions, Ltd is also a procurement partner for the JOC contract.

For more information about CES visit their website at There are huge benefits in time and $'s savings by choosing to use a CES procurement partner.

Let us show you the value available by choosing to procure using a CES procurement partner. Modular Solutions, Ltd holds a contract for the modular buildings, and for the JOC general contracting services. Our team is able to help you develop the best value & best space solution for your current and future space goals.

Modular Building Contract #:2010 001 MSO, 155-017 & 155-018
JOC Contract #: 213-026 912200 & 912 300 MOS

For more information on the CES contract contact:
Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1

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