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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Does manufacturing "lean" mean cutting quality corners?

Any type of industry that manufactures a product will look for ways to manufacture "LEAN", to help clients get the best value out of a building. There is a fine line between "lean" manufacturing and quality sacrifice. Some tips to look for to ensure you are getting your best value:
1. Machine cutting & framing vs. hand tools and framing. Typically using a machine increases productivity, while not impacting negatively on quality. There is a substantial investment in machines that cut & tool and frame, so this is why many modular plants still use human labor. Using human labor also creates jobs and keeps jobs in the economy.
2. Various lumber grades: Using a lesser grade of lumber such as SYP, can sometimes help the cost of a modular building but many clients find this is a quality impact also.
3. Assembly line vs. open assembly fabrication. Streamlined process are expedited when there are tables for jig building and component building. This helps keep the assembly line moving forward quickly which equates to bottom line quality and cost savings for clients.
4. Bulk purchasing vs. project by project- This item can impact quality if the "bulk" purchase is a lesser quality product. If you want a specific brand or quality of product you always have the right as a client to specify "trane brand" mechanical or "international brand" windows. Sometimes bulk saves money, but often you can see a quality difference. Research and communication of expectations is the best way to identify this performance standard to your factory

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