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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is Modular Construction A Safer Work Site?

When it comes to modular "off-site" prefabricated construction as compared to traditional site built construction the answer according to OSHA and Dodge, and other reporting agencies the answer is USUALLY yes. In general our modular industry does an excellent job of completing a building 80-90% in the plant. This leaves very little to do on site when the building arrives and MUCH less chance for accidents or unsafe project sites.

That said, there are modular companies that are not as experienced in the site work aspects of a turnkey project, and have dangerous accidents or work related injuries. How do you know if the company you are hiring utilizes safe practices? Some tips for your review:

1. Check their EMR safety rating (if they don't have one or won't share, or don't know what that is- steer clear they may not be a good fit for a safety conscious organization.
2. Does the company have a designate site safety coordinator on their matrix and in reality. Site safety requires a team effort and an experienced leader.
3. Does the company have a safety pamphlet? If safety is important to you, ask for a copy to see what their practices are.
4. Does the company have regular safety training on site work hazards? Do they take the time to train new and existing employees how safety is every team members responsibility and that the organization should have a ZERO tolerance for safety infractions.
5. What is the scope of work on site? If there is minimal work on site, it might be worth looking a an unrated firm, however in our industry unsafe workers have seen accidents like being crushed under buildings by unsafe jack placement or lost fingers with power tools cutting skirting material. In the end it is critical to look at the big picture.
6. Do the employees undergo background checks for federal and school projects. This element is sometimes highly overlooked by owners, yet critical to a safe workplace for your employees.
7. Do the employees wear proper safety gear (ie goggles, gloves, vests, etc) OSHA has a list of equipment that should be worn by every employee and maintained by pride, free of defects.

At Modular Solutions, Ltd we have the highest of standards in the plant, and on site. Our team knows that if they want to stay on with Modular Solutions, Ltd they will practice and look for any unsafe work conditions and report them to the safety coordinator.

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  1. Interesting read. Always nice coming across info that can help improve construction site safety.


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