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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Should I Upgrade to 2x6 Walls Or Is 2x4 Sufficient

Sometimes the choices you make in the structural design of your modular building impact your long term life cycle planning an goals. We are often asked is it worth upgrading from a 2x4 exterior wall to a 2x6 exterior wall system. Many states have adopted the energy code. This means that there are certain energy efficient guidelines that have to be met such as insulation values. When a local or state agency adopts the energy code you don't really have a choice. You need to construct your building with 2x6 wall framing. What are the benefits?
1. Getting a better insulation value
2. Getting a longer life cycle & building value
3. Lower operational costs & monthly maintenance bills
4. Better resale value if you want to sell after a time
5. Better structural integrity in your structure
While many companies still have an "inventory" of 2x4 constructed modular buildings, maybe you should consider looking for a used modular building with 2x6 walls, or even invest in a new building where you can specify 2x6 wall construction.

A modular building can be one of the most expensive capital purchases an organization or municipality can purchase, and from all the feedback we hear it is a worthwhile choice to upgrade.

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