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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Six Tips For Finding A Great Used Modular Building

Have you ever heard that saying, sometimes a "free" or "great" deal is too good to be true? Well in the used modular building industry sometimes you need to be aware of cost items that are sometimes hidden. If you find a building at an auction, or a government liquidation sale, or ebay on line, or in the newspaper sometimes that "GREAT" deal can really end up costing you. If you are aware of what to look for you can find a really great deal that is win/win. Meaning, the used modular building will meet all the codes and requirements for use.
Here are six great tips to look for in a used modular building purchase:
1. Are all the back taxes paid? Sometimes a used modular building is setting because there are huge back taxes due & the used modular building can not be moved or relocated until those are paid.
2. What is your roof snow load? When you live in a state that has desert & snow (like Arizona) you have snow loads from 20# to 80# roof load requirements. If you live in a snow area, and purchase a used modular built for the desert or with a 20# load, it can not be used or will be VERY expensive to re-roof the entire structure to meet current load requirements.
3. Does the building have approval tags? Most jurisdictions have a manufactured housing department (for commercial and residential). Used modular buildings will commonly require some sort of tag or drawings to prove the building was constructed to be used in that area. Verify, because it can be very expensive to reconstruct or redesign to current codes.
4. Does the modular building have unexposed termite or water damage? Sometimes when used modular buildings set in a lot exposed to the elements there are damages that you do not see on an initial inspection. Make sure you take a second look at the floor joist system and see if it will make it to the new location or is it rotted through.
5. Are you buying from a reputable resource. Buying on line, or at an auction sometimes you are buying someone elses headache. If you don't know bring a consultant along and pay them to help you decide if the used modular building is a viable option.
6. Is the seller including dismantle? When you look at an auction sometimes the used modular building is setting in place & the terms and conditions state you are responsible for removing. We have been on sites where the removal fees were equal to half of what a new modular building cost. Things like fencing in the way, trees that can not be removed, digging out asphalt or concrete, disconnecting utilities, capping off utilities & fire lines, demolition & removal of foundation system, backfill of existing site, AND SO ON. Before you place a bid on an "as-is" situation make sure you have had a professional look at the site & see what it will take to get the modular building removed. If there is a high fee for this due to existing site conditions there may be a better value for you out there.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has used modular buildings in inventory. Our modular buildings are available at a cost savings, and we are a reputable licensed, bonded, insured contractor & manufacturer. If you want us to help with consultations on a relocation or purchase of equipment we can do so. If you want to purchase a "worry-free" used modular building, we are your team!

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