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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reading Modular Blueprints, Fun Tips

When looking at a set of plans they can sometimes be overwhelming. Most customers without a construction background look for the layout and assume the manufacturer will take care of everything else. Here are a few tips to look at when reading your E. (electrical) P. (plumbing) S. (Structural) and F. (Fire) M. (Mechanical). In some instances, when a modular vendor is only selling you a modular building they don't take the time to review this information, which if not addressed properly can cause long site delays or cost additional money to change out later.

1. Electrical pages have a triangle symbol for communication- make sure you have sufficient conduit & boxes for future growth or if you want to change an office location around.
2. Electrical pages have a calculation page of total amps required to operate the building, share this with the site electrician to make sure the phase of power (single or three) is correct and that you will have sufficient power on site.
3. Plumbing material can be pex or copper material, what will the local jurisdiction accept.
4. Plumbing fixtures are counted, and show a minimum size required to accommodate connections on site, make sure your site contractor knows this information.
5. Plumbing manifolds (the pipe that connects all the plumbing fixtures to one single source) is usually shipped loose for the site contractor to install unless otherwise agreed, make sure this is discussed as to scope and responsibility
6. Structural framing should be as agreed in the proposal (ie if you paid 2 x 6 walls, & R-19 insulation make sure this is included)
7. If you are in a heavy snow load this is a good time to verify that your print show the proper snow load in the structural roof load calculations
8. Fire is generally checked by the local jurisdiction so make sure to forward these pages to the fire marshall or local jurisdiction for approval and inspection
9. Fire lines have to be sized for on site connection- make sure you have sufficient water supply to support the fire design. Share with the site contractor to verify size.
10. Mechanical units can be on the roof, on the ground, hung on the wall, make sure your supply register drops are where you want them to keep each area cool.

As you can see, there are multiple coordination efforts that have to be addressed when you are overseeing your project. If the aspect of all this review does not seem like something you want to oversee choose a modular company that provides design-build turnkey projects. Modular Solutions, Ltd is an architectural and preconstruction firm, a general contracting firm, and manufactures the modular buildings. When you choose our streamlined construction team you don't have to worry about any of the details. We take care of the design, the use and occupancy special construction, the permits, the site work, and everything required to install your new modular building. For more information contact our team.

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