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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reading & Understanding Modular Blue Prints

Modular Buildings are constructed to meet state & local building code regulations. When a new modular building is being proposed the manufacturer has to comply with prespecified minimum guidelines, but the building can also exceed the requirements. The blueprint is a way to communicate to the building officials, the owners, and our manufacturing team how the building will be constructed and what codes it will meet.

In general FBB (Factory Built Buildings) comply with the IBC (International Building Code). There are several versions of the IBC Code based based on what a local jurisdiction has adopted (ie 2006, 2009, 2012). When you hire a professional manufacturing company they will always ensure your building is proposed to meet the state regulations.

LEGEND: The construction legend shows you the symbols or icons for each building component. By understanding the legend you will understand the building. A construction legend is like a map legend it helps you see what and where everything in your building is located.

Let us explore this topic for a few days and get acquainted with blueprints so that when you are ready to place an order for your new modular building with Modular Solutions, Ltd you will have a better understanding of what and how your new building will be constructed.

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