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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is A Container The Same As A Modular Buiding?

With the world looking a a greener way to build and reduce, recycle, reuse in daily vocabulary- we are frequently asked can we just use a container and build the modular building this way. There are some great projects that are using or "re-using" shipping containers for building construction with great results. There are some major differences that should be looked at for the total picture.

1. Modular buildings can meet the energy code for continuous insulation and higher insulation values. Containers have a hard time achieving these levels.
2. Modular buildings can be customize in any shape (hogans, staggered lengths, various NON POSTING OPEN SPANS, containers have to work with the 8' wide sections structurally
3. Modular buildings are designed around a "pre-approved" set of structural calculations in most states. This can expedite the approval process. Containers typically require job-to-job design & engineering.
4. Modular buildings are inexpensive to attach versatile final finishes. Sometimes containers require additional costs for finishes such as brick or lap.

In the end you can evaluate what is the best benefit for your company or organization and your carbon footprint decisions.

Modular Solutions, ltd can offer you design & construction on both types of construction. For more details contact our team:
Modular Solutions, Ltd
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