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Friday, April 25, 2014

How Can I Make My Mobile Office Safer (5) Tips

Sometimes when a mobile office is used in a rural area or even in the city in a high crime area your contents can be vulnerable. If you are using a mobile office as a temporary space solution the mobile office will be constructed out of "industry-standard" common cost effective materials. This means that the doors are basic entry level, the windows are simple glass. If you find you want to have a secured mobile office here are a few tips you can use to upgrade the safety and security in your mobile office. One reason for considering any of these options is that not only will your site be safer, but you might get a break on your insurance costs.
1. Add Latch guards over the striker plate, Latch guards discourage entry into your mobile office with a crow bar.
2. Add security bars over the windows. Security bars can have a safety latch so if there were a fire you can use the windows as an egress still. Window bars can be decorative and ornamental or just functional. They even make one with a screen to help prevent someone throwing a rock through the window and breaking the glass. If there is a little more budget you can even consider a rolling shutter that locks down tight at night.
3. If you are ordering a NEW mobile office customized consider upgrading the exterior doors to a "heavier" gauge steel, and better quality lock sets.
4. If you have a storefront door, consider a customized iron gate that can be left open during the day, & locked up at night.
5. Install a security system. Many companies out there are offering FREE installation if you use their monitoring system.

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