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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Six Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Modular Building

When spring rolls around people start to think about what to clean, what to store, what to throw away, and also modular building maintenance. Our team gets lots of questions about maintenance cycles on modular buildings. Here are six tips of FAQ's on modular building maintenance for the spring season.

1. Fresh coat of paint. If your building is has wood or cement siding it may be time for a caulk & paint job. This keeps your building trims from buckling and value and curb appeal to your modular building.
2. Check all your window and door seals. As you switch from heating to air conditioning mode you don't want to spend any extra money on air escaping from your building. Keep all your seal tight and test them for function. If they stick or of they are worn replace them.
3. Get a maintenance test on your mechanical unit before you switch to A/C mode. This test will help avoid burnouts or excessive utility bills due to mechanical units not functioning well
4. Change your A/c filters & put a reminder schedule on the wall. Each month, same time (ie 3rd Monday of each month) change those filters and extend the life cycle of your modular building mechanical units.
5. Clean all the floor covering. Doing an extensive clean of your tiles/carpet/linoleum will brighten the appearance of your modular building, and keep it fresh and new. This should also extend the life cycle of your floor covering.
6. Do a walk about. Look around for any maintenance items that are obvious (like shingles that may have blown off in a winter storm, or window trim that broke off, or cracks in the drywall) and fix them. Most modular buildings that look older than they are look that way because of lack of simple maintenance items. A small problem can turn into a large one if you don't take timely action.

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