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Monday, April 7, 2014

Modular Restaurants, A Great Opportunity For Franchise Chains

Planning on opening a new franchise restaurant? Need space quickly? Many restaurant chains are choosing modular construction so that they can open their doors and start producing revenues in 90 days or less. As an option, permanent modular construction allows new franchises to follow the construction criteria and specifications, with the added benefit of opening their doors sooner and creating bottom line profits sooner! Modular construction is also great if you are planning a custom one of a kind restaurant. You are able to work with the pre-construction team at Modular Solutions, Ltd and create the perfect ambiance for your genre.

One of the keys to a great restaurant or food service franchise is the back kitchen. Make sure you have all the proper equipment to cook, bake, store, refrigerate, freeze, clean, etc and the customers will return again and again.

Tips for kitchen design:
1. Allow for sufficient flow and working space based on your food preparation methods
2. Walk through health dept guidelines for separation of areas, and identify proper sinks & hand washing stations
3. Incorporate washable surfaces, & commercial grade everything. This facilitates ease of cleaning & less hours for staff at shift end
4. Sufficient storage space, ensure you have enough (can you ever have enough?)
5. Incorporate electronic pay stations and modern technology if your budget allows, really enhances business traffic

If you have a franchise opportunity and would like to consider a modular solution contact our preconstruction team at
Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1

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