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Monday, February 10, 2014

Agricultural Buildings, Grow Wisely With Prefabricated Buildings

If you are an agricultural enterprise, chances are you have the opportunity to grow this year. Maybe you need a new barn, or storage, or office for the staff, or sleeping quarters for the crews.
The great thing about agricultural enterprise is that you are "zoning" exempt in most cases meaning QUICK, and AFFORDABLE building solutions!

Discover how we can meet your unique space needs by looking at all the options prefabricated buildings can offer:

1. Pole barn: For storage of almost everything
2. Employee or staff living quarters: Equipped with food services or just living quarters
3. Office Space: For staff, keeping administrative offices for HR and other record keeping on site
4. Storage Facility: For hazard materials, general storage, feed, tools, equipment, etc
5. Produce Sales Office: If you operate a to the public sales facility nice to have a place to keep it covered
6. Livestock: Livestock Barns, and quarters to keep them from weather conditions
7. Farm Owners Residence: Custom modular homes for the owner and their families

The great thing is custom buildings can be manufactured out of the best material for the job! Wood sheds, steel Pole Barns, Steel Buildings, Aluminum Awnings, "recycle" wood alternative, concrete slab floor or no slab, traditional modular, HUD home, and more. We help you get the best value by meeting the need and working within your budget.

Agriculture has a rich history in the USA, and making ends meet gets tougher every year. Modular Solutions, Ltd is here to help you get creative space solutions to meet the ever changing needs of the farming business.

CONTACT US: Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: (800) 441-8577 x 1

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