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Friday, February 21, 2014

Can Lumber Imperfections Effect My Modular Building? Tips to look for!

In the construction industry sometimes lumber is purchased and will set too long, or because it is a product of nature will be delivered to a project site with flaws. It is up to the integrity of the company to refuse the order or use it for nonstructural elements (like a disposable shipping walls). When the manufacturer or contractor decides to take a risk and use lumber that was once first quality and now has flaws you see construction quality impacted.

Manufacturing firms should have an open door policy so that you can inspect the construction of your modular building at any time during the construction phase. It is a team effort to ensure the highest quality leaves the modular manufacturing plant. So ask if you are allowed to tour your manufacturing facility before you make that final commitment.
Some tips for finding lumber flaws:

1. Look for bows twists or in general lumber that does not stack flat
2. Look for splits or knot holes
3. KD fir is a high quality lumber you can request, usually better quality
4. Is lumber full height original material for integrity or is it pieced together with left overs
5. Is lumber rated for use indicated (architectural plans will identify this)
6. You can also build using steel studs

For any questions consult your professional, they will ensure you get what you pay for.

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