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Friday, February 7, 2014

Project Manager, For A Modular Project?

Many clients start learning about modular construction and have the misconception that because the project is a "modular" you just fill in some blanks on a specification form and your modular building arrives complete & ready to move into in 60 days. UNFORTUNATELY, this is far from reality. Modular construction has many moving parts and is infact more difficult to manage than a traditional site built project because things happen so rapidly.

If you hire a modular company one key to the success of the project will be if they have a site superintendent to oversee what happens on site and if they have a project manager to ensure the building is constructed correctly and the schedule coordination with site efforts is seamless.

What does a project manager do?
1. Over see initial plans to ensure they meet codes, and follow the clients expectations. Reviewing the plans with the client during every phase to offer helpful suggestions for successful design.
2. Create a master schedule for sub contractors and the general contracting part of the team to follow and comply with
3. Communicate all aspects of the project with the client, team members, site and factory team, local jurisdiction, state jurisdiction, and anyone who needs to know.
4. Has extensive history & relationship with subs and jurisdictions to keep the project on task, on budget, and on schedule.
5. Ensures the sub contracting team is licensed, bonded, insured, capable, has capacity & experience and is a good match for the job.....NOT just low bid!
6. Facilitates all permits, approvals, inspections, required with the site and the modular building.
7. Quality Control, at every turn and every aspect.
8. Has the best interest of our clients in mind. Our Project Managers always look out for the client and make sure they get what they have paid for- no short cuts allowed!
9. SAFETY! The project manager and the site manager put safety FIRST. Construction is very dangerous and has many hazards, Our Project and site managers are OSHA 30 certified.
10. Warranty. Since the project manager has been involved with the project since inception, the project manager is great at facilitating any warranty concerns or issues

so now, Do you tackle all of these tasks yourself and purchase from a trailer leasing company, or do you hire a DESIGN-BUILD firm that takes care of you from start to finish, and more!

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