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Monday, February 17, 2014

Whisper, or upgrade your doors? Mobile Office Interior Doors

Have you ever been in an office and even with the door closed you can hear everything? There is a fix for that lets look at some options!
Industry standard doors are hollow core, and made out of a prefinished wood and get painted or have a veneer on them. While this type of door is inexpensive, it is hollow and sound can transfer under the door and through the door.

If you are looking for a door that will hold up for commercial traffic and will cut back on sound transmission, look at a solid core door in a steel jamb. The hinges are heavier duty, the jamb will last longer and the doors look great. A stained door slab is very attractive and will always give you a long life cycle. If you are just looking for function a very popular option is a veneer door. They come fire rated and hollow core. The cost is less expensive the life cycle shorter.

No Matter which doors you choose know that you have options, and there are "values" for quantity buying industry standards, and there are "values" for doors that will offer extended lifecycle and lower maintenance. Identify if security and other issues are a concern and start to narrow down your choices.

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