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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steel Siding For A Modular Building, The Pros & Cons

Steel Siding is great on a modular building with its' low maintenance qualities, however with the new energy codes being adopted across the USA you may want to make some careful considerations regarding this option.
1. Steel Siding is low maintenance
2. Steel Siding is pretty "off-the-shelf" for standard product lines & colors
3. Steel Siding is an attractive finish
4. Steel Siding has an extended life cycle
1. With the new energy code you have to purchase more expensive special order insulated panels to meet the code in many cases
2. You may have to omit windows and other options to comply
3. If you purchase certain materials you have visible fastening heads
4. Color choices are limited in "reflective" qualities for better efficiency and energy code compliance
5. Other finishes are more cost-effective to purchase and install

All in all the siding industry is a strong choice, we encourage our clients to review the homework before making that purchasing decision.

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