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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mobile Office Tie Downs, Worth The Money?

There are options on mobile office proposals for "tie-downs". Many ask do I need tie downs? Why are they an option? Some tips for you to consider when installing a mobile office.
High winds, tornadoes, dust devils, micro bursts, all names for the same thing a burst of wind that takes anything in its' path with a vengeance. Do you want a temporary mobile office to end up costing you full value of replacement and no benefits? See those pictures where some buildings (even traditional built structures) are completely demolished and others are left standing. Ever wonder why?

1. Location: Open spaces are more subject to wind bursts and tunnels
2. Types of Tie Downs: Auger, Weld Plates, Cross Drive, XI, concrete slab, chooses according to the use and need. An experienced modular building company can help you choose the best option
3. Type of Ground: Dirt, Concrete slab, Asphalt parking lot, Rocky grade, what will the foundation conditions be? The right tie down will make a difference!
4. Weight of Building: A heavier building (like a concrete floor modular building) vs. a small mobile office will impact the resistance to the wind
5. Grade level of installation: Buildings set above the ground are more likely to take an impact than buildings set at grade level where the foundation is concealed
6. How good is your insurance? The small fee for installing tie downs is 99.99999 percent of the time worth the investment, to help prevent a mobile office from blowing over in high wind conditions. Insurance will cover the buildings, but sometimes they will place a % of the blame on you the lessee for NOT taking sufficient measures to protect the property (like not wearing a seatbelt in a traffic accident) and then - who pays? Well YOU!

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