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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mobile Office, Should I Remodel Or Upgrade?

There reaches a point in the lifecycle of a modular building or mobile office when you have to stop and ask the question should I spend the money to upgrade or should I just start over and get a brand new building? That question has many factors, but here are a few quick tips to help you decide:

1. Did you purchase an "industry standard" budget driven quick fix mobile office or did you invest into a permanent modular building?

The life cycle of a modular building is 50+ years, the life cycle of a mobile office will vary but is generally 20 years.

2. Do you spend more money on utility bills than you did the year prior?

If your utility bill is up, that is frequently a sign your mechanical equipment and efficiency need that in your budget?

3. Do you make the space work, or does the space work for you?

If you are making the space work it might be time for an upgrade and update.

4. Are your repair bills higher than a monthly payment would be on a new facility?

5. Is the mobile office outdated in the look, could you use a "FRESH" updated building that reflects who you are as a company?

6. If you are considering an upgrade does your modular company have a "recycle" and "tradeup" program. Helps with the removal costs of your current building.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has a recycle/retrofit program. We are a factory and can bring new life into an old building. We can offer the renovation services to you and your company or you can TRADE IN your old modular and we can re-use anything that is a recycle component. This has kept thousands of pounds of demolition out of the landfills each year.

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