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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Space Planning Tips, For Your Modular Building

Starting a space plan can be very overwhelming if you are not sure of what is required and how to place all the occupants. With a few tips we can help you visualize the space and make it real.


1. Make a list of each occupant by department or at least body count (ie 7 in planning office, 3 in operations) this will help you get an idea of total space
2. Make a list of additional spaces that will make life comfortable and that need to be included (restrooms, break room, copy room, etc)
3. Decide on flow, who need to be next to each other and who needs to be separate or secured
4. Look at storage space needs (files, chemicals, cleaning supplies, special items (weapons/money/pharmaceuticals)
5. Reception and security, do you need a separate reception area & do you need to make it secure from the rest of the building
6. Egress, are there certain staff or occupants that will need direct egress out of a building, or secured egress
7. LOOK AT FUTURE GROWTH POTENTIAL. Nothing worse than building for now, and having to "re-build" shortly thereafter

Our preconstruction team can take this list of space needs and goals, and provide you with a free conceptual floorplan.

For a free consultation contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577

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