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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

what are MPANELS?

Modular Solutions, Ltd has a great new product line to service our clients. MPANELS are panelized construction built off site and assembled on site in a matter of hours with a crane. Panelized construction has been around for many years, but MPANELS are trademarked and unique. We are able to panelize the walls & roof systems and rough in the plumbing & electrical so that the on site connections are quicker & more efficient.

The panelization of the new prefabricated building is completely unique. Every project is custom designed to meet the site requirements, the structural goals, and the aesthetic appeal. Our clients wanted to achieve a way to utilize traditional concrete slab floors, and get high ceilings and fun finishes. With traditional construction it took 6-12 months to see a building ready to occupy, with modular construction there were shipping and size limitations. MPANELS offer all of the benefits of modular construction with none of the limitations.

1. High ceilings and roofs
2. Pitched roofs in large complex structures
3. Watertight in a day
4. Interior & Exterior finishes unlimited
5. Concrete slab floors
6. Custom design, no limitations
7. Quick Occupancy 90 days or less in most cases
8. Wood or Steel construction
9. Working with the great team at Modular Solutions, Ltd

Contact our team at (800) 441-8577 x 1

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