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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mobile Office Mechanical Tips

This time of year as we start thinking about getting the cooling side of our units running efficiently (at least in Arizona), there are some quick maintenance items that will help keep the life cycle of your wall mounted mechanical unit lasting longer. The wall mounted mechanical unit is unique to the modular and mobile office industry. While some projects will use package roof top or ground units or even special designed chillers & boiler systems the majority of mobile office units have wall hung package units.
1. Change the filters: especially if you live in dusty or dry environment. The filters will trap the dirt and make your unit work harder-This should be a regular monthly task, keep a calendar beside the unit to remind you when to change the filters.
2. Check your thermostat: industry standard programmable thermostats have a shorter life cycle and you may want to make sure the thermostat is regulating the correct temperature readings
3. If you don't have inhouse maintenance have a service team come & clean out the system. This will extend the life cycle
4. visually inspect your ductwork. If your ductwork is leaking the mechanical unit will work harder and be on for longer cycles
5. Plant vegetation or shading nearby. This will reduce the heat and allow the unit to cool outside air faster

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