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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mobile Office Maintenance Tips

A mobile office is meant to be a temporary fix for short to medium space goals. Frequently a mobile office "fix" becomes a permanent solution. Once your mobile office is in place an can be used for any typical occupancy you can keep it on site and continue to keep the space useable. The main thing you need to do is keep up your maintenance and that will extend the life cycle of your mobile office so you are not spending more monthly to fix & repair than the space budget allows.


1. Chance your a/c filters monthly, due to the end mounted location they get lots of dirt & dust to clog the units up
2. Paint & caulk your trim regularly, if not the trim will curl and come off allowing moisture in
3. If you have a tile floor, seal it. Keeps moisture out during regular mop sessions
4. Inspect your crawlspace regularly, ensure no water or moisture is trapped down there
5. Check the sewer/water connections under the building make sure they are not leaking and causing damage
6. Visually inspect for termite or other critters that can cause damage, if found treat immediately
7. Check your thermostats, make sure they are running correctly so you mechanical unit is not overworking
8. Inspect for roof leaks, any moisture in a building is harmful. Repair immediately if damage found

If you follow these tips you can expect to get maximum life cycle from your mobile office. If you want a building that is a permanent building then look at the option of a permanent modular building. The construction is the same as site built and has a 50+ year life cycle.

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