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Friday, June 13, 2014

Buy Native American Clause, We Can Help!

Many Native American tribes and communities want to choose modular construction, but always try to promote the buy Native American Clause.
What is the buy Native American Clause?
This clause is a federal recognition that allows Native American tribes or communities & federal agencies to give special consideration in the bid or proposal process to companies that are Native American owned.

What are the benefits of this buy Native American clause?
1. Keeping Native American owned companies in business and helping them grow strong by building great construction projects in Native American communities
2. Companies that are Native American owned have a better understanding of sovereign rights, TERO regulations, Davis Bacon Wages, archeological clearance, and other unique requirements associated with construction on Native American sites
3. More conscious of environmental impact on construction sites
4. Putting Native Americans to work

How Do you incorporate the clause into RFP's?
Below is an example of a set aside clause that was recently incorporated into a proposal. By choosing to set aside business for competition among Native American owned firms you are allowing the proliferation of strong Native American owned businesses.

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