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Monday, June 23, 2014

Fire Separations In Modular Buildings, Are They Required?

In modular buildings, just like site built structures factories are required to meet the state, and local building codes or the occupancy. Some building are used for multiple functions and require special fire separation to meet code. Fire rating means to put an additional layer of gypsum to create a separation between the uses of a facility. This can also include doors, corridors, and mechanical upgrades for full separation.

Some common separation of spaces include
* Offices & Education
* Classrooms & Food Service
* Gymnasium & Classrooms
* Living Space & Offices
* Assembly & Education
* Office & Industrial Storage

There are many variables that will determine if you need a fire separation such as total square footage, common areas, shared functions, etc. In some cases the site will determine fire rating, for example if you are too close to another structure on site. Fire rating is not an expensive item, but if has not been designed into a modular building & you have to retrofit, it can be more expensive. For more information on mixed occupancies & fire rating requirements visit with our team:

Modular Solutions, Ltd
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