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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let Us Help You Build A Medical Facility!

Modular Buildings are used for a variety of reasons. Lately with an older population, veterans returning from war, a new baby boom, and natural disasters, hospitals and clinics can not be built via traditional means fast enough. Historical construction data shows that hospitals have been renovated ever 3-4 years to keep up with new technology and federal requirements. To outfit a medical facility with traditional construction there are always special hazards and special construction knowledge that make it critical to pick an experienced design & construction team.

Let us look at this from another view point.....What could bring in a hospital or medical clinic addition, match it to an existing structure, and have it come to site 90% compete! Saving all the hassles of construction debris, air quality control, noise abatement, utility connection services, etc!

Modular buildings really do make more sense! NOW, how to find an experienced team for medical construction of a modular facility.
Tips for finding a great modular construction medical team:
1. Do they have an architectural team with medical design on staff or do they have to depend on 3rd party for input?
2. Have they ever constructed a medical facility before?
3. How long have the key employees been providing specialty medical facilities, and job references?
4. What is the current backlog, can the complete a project faster?
5. Do they do site work for a turnkey modular building solution?
6. Are they licensed for architectural, site work, and modular manufacturing?
7. Are they the factory or do they 3rd party that out to another company?

Lots of things to consider when you want the job done right! Our team at Modular Solutions,Ltd has been providing turnkey modular medical building solutions since 1996. A better way to build!

For more information contact our team:

Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1

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