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Friday, June 20, 2014

Why Are There Different "A" Occupancies In Modular Buildings?

We have clients that are churches or non-profit organizations that just need lots of wide open space but don't understand why there are so many types of "A" occupancies. While the total size of the building is a huge factor the basic uses are common practice.
Here is a break out of the basic uses:
A-1: Fixed seating such as theater or concert halls
A-2: Food & Drink Consumption such as restaurant or banquet halls
A-3: Intended for Worship, amusement or recreation such as churches, community halls, art galleries, museums, libraries
A-4: Indoor sporting events such as ice skating rinks, arenas, tennis courts
A-5: Outdoor Activity Viewing such as grandstands or amusement parks

If you have less than 50 occupants it can even be considered "B" occupancy.

The code is very flexible and is best left to the architectural team to help you select the best design & value for your space goals. Contact our team for more information.

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