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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What IS GSA & How Can We Use It?

General Services Administration (GSA) is a commodity program that allows contracting officers to purchase goods & services from a per-determined price list from established vendors. Modular buildings and prefabricated buildings can be found on schedule 56. GSA uses Special Item Numbers (SIN)to identify the goods and services a vendor can provide. The modular buildings are listed under SIN category 361 A-H. When you are looking for a modular building or installation services, this is how GSA identifies vendors that can provide the services.

Each vendor will have unique ways they have priced out their GSA schedule items, so sometimes you have to do your homework & make sure you are getting everything you want in a modular building. If you want a custom building look for vendors that have a menu of line items to customize your new facility, or if you are looking for a "quick-fix" maybe for disaster relief look for a vendor that can offer "models" or an inventory of equipment.
One great thing about the GSA schedule is that it can really expedite the purchasing cycle. You can put the information out in electronic format to GSA vendors, and get responses back quickly. In emergency situations I have seen proposal offerings that are due in 24 hours, with mobilization due within the week. The great thing is that you can write your own performance specification and scope and get the vendor that best fits the mold for that type of performance. Not all vendors can provide all services. The other great thing about the GSA schedule is that you can put projects out on a "set-aside" basis to reach your performance goals. You can select companies that are small business or minority owned & still get a good proposal response from pre-screened vendors.

For More information on how to purchase a modular building through the GSA schedule contact our team:

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