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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Metal Roof Or Shingle Roof For My Modular Building?

We are frequently asked by clients if they should choose a metal or shingle roof covering there are pros & cons of both types. Consider this as you weigh your decision:
Shingle Roof Advantages:
1. Readily Available
2. Cost-Effective
3. Easy to Replace or Repair
4. Variety Of Color Choices
5. Can Ship Complete From Factory
6. Easy Penetration Seal

Shingle Roof Disadvantages:
1. Damages More Easily In High Wind Locations
2. Shorter Life Cycle Than Metal, about 1/3rd the life span
3. More Maintenance & Visual Inspections Required

Metal Roof Advantages:
1. Steel Roof Life Cycle Measured At 50+ Years By Roofing Industry
2. Steel Roof Very Low Maintenance Cost
3. Steel Roof "White" Covering, Is Considered Energy Wise For Reflective Value
4. Lightweight & Versatile Panel Shapes
5. Fire Resistant Material & Some Insurance Reductions If Applicable

Metal Roof Disadvantages:
1. More Expensive Initially Than Shingle Roof
2. Penetrations Can Sometimes Lead To Leaks If Not Sealed & Maintained
3. More Expensive To Replace Or Repair

Both systems are highly utilized in the modular industry. Our preconstruction team has cut sheets and comparisons on file for you to review & make an educated & informed decision. There are lots of roof covering choices, we are just showing a comparison between two highly common ones selected in the modular industry. For more details contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd

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