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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is A Steel Building The Same As A Modular Building?

We are frequently asked is a steel building the same as a modular building. The category of construction if often lumped together as a "prefabricated" structure. In our industry frequently firms will combine steel buildings and modular buildings for effective uses such as fire stations, or retail so they can have the high ceilings and open space steel offers with the flexibility of modular construction coming to site 90% complete.
I guess the biggest difference is in the construction design- see the comparison, showing the variables between steel buildings and modular construction. In some instances modular construction is best like a daycare or classroom, in some cases a steel building works best like an industrial storage facility or airplane hangar, and in other instances "melded" construction of modular and steel buildings will be the best space solution. When you talk with your design experts walk through items such as your current and future space goals, your budget, your schedule, your life cycle, and other important goals. It works well to build a needs and want list to see what the total budget can really afford. Sometimes the building funds are right on target, but the land development fees are in excess, causing the building design team to have to make value engineering choices.

In the end, you make educated choices based on working with an experienced modular building team. For more information contact our experts at:
Modular Solutions, Ltd
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