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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time To Move Your Modular Building? (5) Tips To Consider

Many clients only need a modular building as a temporary swing space resource. The great thing about modular buildings is they are relocateable. When you are using space as a temporary fill until you move to your new location or you need seasonal space you can move the modular building in & out or relocate it without losing your investment. We recently worked with a firm that needed a facility that was very custom and they needed the building for six months.....howerver, they to have this facility nationwide at various branch locations and could not afford to customize a "temporary" facility that many times. SOLUTION...... We constructed the building for them with multiple state approvals and tags, and they can move the "prototype" facility around from location to location and have the perfect building solution and save time & money!

some tips to consider when thinking about moving your modular building:

1. If you are moving within the state see who has jurisdiction for at the new location to make sure your existing modular building will work, without special considerations
2. If you are moving but the site will not be ready, make sure to plastic the building up and water tight it so you will not face any storm damage or weather issues
3. If you need to grow, just ask about "flex-space" modular sections. We can build & add to any existing modular structure
4. Decide if you want a temporary or permanent foundation system. A permanent foundation system is more expensive to install at the new location & remove from the prior site
5. Blend in! Each time you go into a new community you want to feel like you have always been there. Choose siding finishes that will blend in with any community well

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