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Monday, June 16, 2014

How To Prepare A Used Modular Building For Relocation

Modular buildings are constructed to be relocated. While relocation of modular buildings happens every day across the USA there are proper ways to get your used modular building ready for transport so that you do not have to deal with damages to the structure at the new location.

1. If your building is a multi-sectional modular building separate the sections at least 5' between each section as you dismanatle the modular building, Make sure you have left piers under the sections for the safety of the team providing the dismantle
2. Build shipping walls to support the beam between the support posts. Shipping walls can be made of recycled materials. Measure & re-measure to make sure you touch the beam & floor
3. Roll the carpet back, so it goes back nicely at the new site (if tile take out 12" x 12" square down the center for full tile replacement
4. If you have Tape,Texture,painted (TTP) wall covering place cross bracing to help reduce cracking to a minimum
5. Make sure you got all your close up materials inside the modular for re-use (ie exterior trims, interior trims, cove base, sprinkler couplings, etc)
6. Label all your cross over boxes & wrap them in a whip or put them in a ceiling box for electrical, fire, communication so you know how & what wires go back together
7. Remove any items that will make the building over height or over wide or be prepared to pay for the additional escort fees (weight the difference)
8. Put plastic & strapping on the sides of the sections. If storing for a while use HEAVY DUTY plastic to keep it weather tight. This is NOT an area you want to save a few pennies. If water or weather get in you can spend thousands of $'s in repair or mold remediation.
9. Block the doors with plywood so they don't accidentally swing open, and put plywood over window. This step is NOT required, but is a great tip for saving money on unnecessary damages. Also if you have cabinets or other items take drawers out, block doors closed, block interior doors so they don't swing loose.
10. Plan ahead and make sure your taxes are cleared and you can transport the building.

By choosing an experienced moving team, all of these items should be included in the fee schedule. If not, this gives you a good list to review with the moving company. Our team has a "make-ready" ship list form that we take to each relocation project to ensure we cover all the site specific items that need to be taken care of properly to ensure a safe and excellent relocation.

For more details contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1

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