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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Can I Get Moveable Walls In My Modular Building?

Modular buildings are great for meeting halls, assembly use, churches. One big question we hear all the time is can a client put "moveable" walls into a modular building. The answer is YES! When you are getting your custom modular building designed by the preconstruction team you want to look at the functions of your meetings. Frequently you may have smaller groups in break out sessions or learning labs, and then when your entire committee or congregation come together you have a large gathering.

The best way to allow true "flex" space is by using a moveable wall system. The best question to ask yourself during the design stage is how much noise separation do you need. The quieter you need a room the more expensive the "flex" walls become.
Types of moveable wall systems:
Level 1: Visual screening only. Usually on a track system that may not even reach from ceiling to floor. This just breaks up a room into areas on a visual basis and sound transfers right through.
Level 2: Sound Attenuation Walls: These walls can be sandwich stacked or panelized. The walls are usually covered in a sound absorbent material
This type of wall is usually a 35 - 45 STC rating. The higher the STC rating the higher the cost of the wall.
Level 3: Track walls: These walls are usually constructed to be "knock-down" walls and take a little more effort to install and remove. They are meant to be easily removed without damage to the adjacent walls. With this type of wall can get up to a 55 STC rating which is equal to shouting not audible in an adjacent room

What ever the space goal you need to look at your budget, your schedule, and your over all design needs. Some of the moveable wall systems are quite expensive and have a very long lead time. Make sure that this wall is your best solution and if it is, make sure you allow for it in your budget.

For more details talk to our pre-construction team:

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