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Friday, June 27, 2014

Can A Modular Building Be Used In High Wind Areas?

There are many parts of the USA that have extreme wind conditions. Places that are wide open lands or tornado zone like the mid-west have struggled for years when tornado season hits. There are strong winds, wind gusts, dust walls, tornadoes, dust devils, many varieties of wind conditions that modular buildings and traditional buildings are faced with.

Most local and state agencies have "wind-load" conditions as a part of the design criteria based on "typical" wind conditions for a certain area. So When we are asked "can a modular building withstand high winds?" that answer is YES, but is also subject to extreme conditions. Modular buildings are built to travel down the highway at 60 M.P.H. so there are always straps, and bands and other structural elements built into a modular building that you will not even get in a traditional site built structure. Can a modular building survive a tornado? I have seen pictures of commercial modular buildings in disaster regions that were standing held on by the tie down straps, and I have seen commercial modular buildings that were a casualty. I don't know if any structure is ever completely safe from tsunami, tornado, hurricane type winds, but you do your best to design one that is resistant to "typical" wind conditions for your local area.

1. Check the local wind zone & make sure if you are getting new or used construction that the building meets that criteria
2. Select a roof covering that is more durable, example standard three tab shingles are not usually recommended in high wind areas
3. If you are in a region subject to occasional wind bursts, design the building to the stricter code design and wind load
4. Always use tie downs! I have seen many buildings saved by being secured to the foundation with tie down straps
5. Disclosure, if you are purchasing a used modular building ask if the building has ever been damaged by wind

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