Thursday, March 24, 2016

Throw Back Thursday, Portable Classrooms For Gilbert Public Schools

Portable Classrooms Support Building Boom

During the construction boom Gilbert Public Schools chooses Modular Solutions, Ltd to provide 35 buildings in 45 days

Just a quick throwback Thursday article to share some of the great past successes that have made Modular Solutions, Ltd the strong company we are today.

In 1997 Gilbert Public Schools was in the middle of an economic boom.  Homes were being built faster than ever before, and apartment living was at an all time high.  The district was experiencing huge population growth at schools, but knew this was only a temporary situation.  The Gilbert Public School District wisely chose portable classroom buildings by Modular Solutions, Ltd and came with a very demanding task.    The district needed 37 modular classroom buildings constructed, and installed in a 45 day window.  Read more in the case study on our website.

Modular Solutions, Ltd was proud of the coordination and team work exhibited by our staff and the Gilbert Public Schools team.  Together we were able to manufacture, deliver, install, and have occupancy of 35 new portable classrooms in one summer.

This was not an easy order, but with teamwork and great communication it all worked out.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Commercial Modular Military Building

US Military Depends On Modular Buildings For Mission Success

When the US Government has a critical path  mission, they depend on prefabricated modular building companies with a GSA schedule like Modular Solutions, Ltd to meet those space needs.  

The military has many special needs such as modular swing space for large mobilization goals, temporary staffing quarters, specialized equipment shelters for com/data/electrical, pop up shelters, modular medical/dental clinics.   When our heroes return additionally the Department of Veterans Administration has space needs at all of their main and satellite campus locations.  The modular buildings are frequently used as therapy and training rooms, modular clinics, prefabricated vocational training classrooms, community service work rooms, modular office buildings, and ancillary service buildings.

Our military will frequently need mobilization of the space in 30 days or less,  so modular buildings make the most sense.  By using the GSA schedule to procure their space needs the military agencies can get modular buildings from prequalified vendors that are ready to spring into action with versatile space solutions.

As a GSA contract holder the expedition of orders to federal agencies has never been easier.   Modular Solutions, Ltd just renewed our contract # GS-07F-0199L  for another five years with GSA due to our successful customer service.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Commercial Modular Church Buildings

Religious Organizations Choose Modular Buildings For Flexible Options

Churches and religious organizations are frequently looking for a better way to build.   Funding does not always come through as or when promised, and the organizations are looking for an alternative method of construction to meet their space planning goals.
Modular buildings are used as modular chapels, open modular meeting rooms, portable classroom buildings, permanent modular construction of a main worship center, gymnasium and sports centers, food service and banquet halls, modular food pantries, multi-family senior living facilities, and daycare or preschool centers

The great thing about prefabricated modular construction is that there are some used buildings available that have been previously leased at other locations as a temporary space solution.   Churches and religious organizations can purchase those buildings ore lease them if they do not have the capital funds available. 

Church additions have been as small as a few hundred square ft, and new churches have been able to build an entire campus using modular construction.

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