Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ever Consider A Container For Your New Office Space?

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been manufacturing custom buildings for some time, and there has been an insurgence of requests lately to try and utilize containers from the overseas marketplace.   The modular industry has spent time and money on research of the safety and code compliance once you breach the integrity of a container and use the "bones" for another type of construction.

The modular building institute (MBI) has written an in-depth article on  what the "experts" say about the integrity and safety of re-use of storage containers for multi-family, permanent construction using multiple containers, and other uses. They also include suggestions for code requirements.

For a copy of the article please email this LINK with "container" in the subject line and we will forward the information, or you can also become a member of the MBI organization that supports all types of prefabricated construction.

We have provided re-use containers for judicial systems, and retail, and have looked at containers for multi-family housing projects.   In the end it is no less expensive than traditional construction methods, it is just another way to fulfill a space need.  There are lots of creative uses for this type of construction in the industry, the question is, is it right for your project.

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