Monday, May 18, 2015

Military Swing Space, What Is The Solution?

The United States Military has a constant battle of where to house temporary crews, how to get them temporary office space, and then how to clear it out when the mission is completed. As military objectives and goals change so does the strategic location and troop size. When faced with these challenges the Department of Defense has to figure out how to get temporary space for training and housing for hundreds or even thousands of warriors.

Why not consider a modular solution? Swing space was designed with the military in mind. We are able to offer multiple sections of wide open space, that can be sub divided up into office spaces, living quarters, or training rooms. By equipping these spaces with modern technology our troops are able to communicate and train for any type of mission. The great thing is that military swing space can be moved to various bases, and even renovated in design to accommodate specific mission goals.

Swing space (NOT THIS KIND)
can also be long term (up to five years) or longer and allow for better lease rates and financial options.

Swing space (YES THIS KIND)
is important for many reasons:
1. Open space, with flexible design
2. Moveable wall system
3. expand or shrink by adding or omitting modular sections
4. order with furnishings or without
5. Build to suit - BRAND NEW, if a very unique mission is at hand
6. No need for multiple buildings and multiple utility connections, fit all your space needs into one large space
7. Free design consultations

If you would like more information on modular swing space for military projects contact our GSA team:
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Monday, May 11, 2015

HUD Homes, An Affordable Housing Option

When Pinal County needed to upgrade housing for community members in need of assistance they chose Modular Solutions, Ltd and HUD homes. The homes were a vast improvement from the existing living conditions, and our team was able to extend a great value, an energy efficient design, and a new home that improved the life stye of a community member for years to come.

READ MORE in the case study attached.

The great thing about HUD construction is you are able to identify a better way to build. There are "basic" units that are simply a "low-bid" home, but we suggest always considering a more energy efficient design. Simple choices like 2 x 6 exterior walls, and energy star appliances, and split system mechanical units with high SEER ratings. Homes can also be equipped with alternative energy options such as solar or wind. Homes can also be designed to meet ADA criteria as required.

If you would like more information contact our team at:
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We look forward to helping you discover the best value for your housing needs.