Monday, April 25, 2016

Commercial Modular Buildings - Five Well Kept Secrets

Five Top Secrets The Modular Industry Does Not Always Share

1.  MYTH:  Commercial modular buildings only come in wood, cement panel, steel, or stucco finish.  
TRUTH:  Commercial modular buildings have unlimited finish options.   Blending in with a community is often the desired outcome.   Choose a company with a professional design team to help you create the perfect design solution.

2.  MYTH:  Any commercial modular building larger than 1500 Sq. Ft. Can not have a high pitch roof finish.      TRUTH:   Most commercial modular buildings are constructed to have a "complex roof" with 1/2: 12" slope to be cost effective.  While it may cost more to get a 4:12 or 6:12 pitch using site installed trusses that have to be swung on site, it is a beautiful finish, and large buildings can be built with an 80# or higher roof snow load if required.
3.   MYTH: Building on a slope is not possible with a commercial modular building.    TRUTH:  Commercial modular buildings have to be placed where there is space and sometimes that is between a rock & a hard spot.   With the use of creative and innovative foundation systems we can place a modular building in almost any location.   Cranes, railsets, and special installation tools help commercial modular buildings fit on those unique installation locations.

4: MYTH:  You don't need an architect if you choose modular construction:  TRUTH:  Modular buildings, especially custom commercial modular buildings require the experience and code review to keep your building safe and architecturally interesting.  Whether you choose a private architect or a modular building company like Modular Solutions, Ltd that has N.C.A.R.B architects on staff make sure you bring someone on board that has the knowledge of prefabrication, and structural design.
5:  MYTH: Modular buildings have to be rectangular boxes and straight shapes of 12' x 60' sections. TRUTH:  At Modular Solutions we have built "H" or "T" or "L" shapes, but also circular walls and hogan shaped walls.  Our goal is to give clients what they want & make sure it is built to the same construction methods a traditional site built structure is constructed to.  Why Settle?

circular porch on commercial modular

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Commercial Modular Building-Color My World

Add A Little Spring Color To Your Commercial Modular Buildings To Extend The Life Cycle, And Perk It Up

Commercial Modular Buildings have a full variety of finish options available.  Most buildings will show their age as paint fades and as weather takes a toll on the building exterior.

If your modular building  has wood trims be sure to check the caulk & nails.  By keeping your trim fresh and straight, your building will look renewed and last much longer.

Don't be afraid to use accenting or bold colors for your commercial modular building to make a statement in the community and for recognition.     Look at this fun faux brick pattern that was used by a local training academy in Arizona.   

Learn more tips and color tricks from our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd.    

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Modular Building Maintenance Tips For Spring

Now is the time to start thinking about looking at the requirements for spring maintenance.  Some parts of the country don't get out of the snow until May, but other parts of the country are already having record highs.   Here are five quick tips to keep your modular building in tip top condition & extend the life cycle of your prefabricated structure.


  • Check your building for rain gutter and downspout damages.  Sometimes the winter storms have damaged your water drainage system, which if not repaired can result in damage to your siding or roof.   

Check your roofing.  Look for rips, or missing shingles, look in valleys and clean off debris.  Roofs really can last 20 years with proper maintenance.  It is up to you to keep your roof in tip top shape and the only way to identify maintenance needs is to get up there and see what needs done.  

Special coated roofs (like foam) will change color when they are ready for maintenance.  Built up roofs will come apart at the seams leaving water a way in.  Metal roofs will leave gaps or pop fasteners.   

Every modular building has a foundation system.  If you have concrete or block look for signs of water penetration.  If you have piers & pads look for weather erosion.  When a building settles due to earth movement or water/rain/snow, you need to provide preventative releveling so there is not further damage to your walls and other interior finishes such as floor covering.   If you see signs of building movement call a professional crew such as Modular Solutions,  and get them to relevel your facility. If you are a state or local agency in Arizona you can utilize the MESC contract.

Preventative maintenance will always extend the life cycle of your mechanical unit on your modular building.  While this is a monthly task, additional services are usually required when switching from heat to AC.  At Modular Solutions, Ltd we have serviced mechanical units that were well over 20 years old and still in working condition.

All modular buildings have exterior finishes.  Some are higher maintenance than others.  Wood trims can buckle and warp allowing water to cause possible damage, stucco can crack or have damages from rocks or other human causes, steel fasteners can come undone or need a new powder coat.  Damages caused by severe winter storms will lead to additional wear and tear on your structure if you do not take the time to fix it properly.

If you would like some preventative maintenance done on your modular building, or would like an inspection contact our professional team at Modular Solutions, Ltd

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