Friday, January 31, 2014

Mobile Offices For Special Events

Planning an outdoor event?

Modular Buildings are used throughout the USA for sporting events,art galleries, political fund raising events. Large special events need television coverage space, logistical planning, stars and event space, ID and Police/security badges. All of these spaces can be accommodated easily with mobile offices. The alternative is a "tent" that can be blown away in bad weather or that is too time consuming to put up & take down for short term events.

Mobile offices can be delivered and installed usually in a day including stairs, and can be generator powered with holding tanks for fresh and waste water if you want flushing toilets.

Mobile office Special Event Tips:
1. Ask what the insurance requirements are.
2. Make sure the quote includes delivery/set/removal/permits
3. Logistics, can they get the mobile office to your site
4. Do you want plumbing, if so make sure to get cost on holding tanks
5. Look at the mobile offices and make sure they are clean and attractive

Special events take planning as much as a year in advance. To talk with our team call:
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Mexico Modular Buildings Approved By CID

When a new modular building is going to be installed in New Mexico the agency that has jurisdiction is CID (Construction Industries Division)
A modular building is the same as traditional construction and requires state approvals and permits for installation. Their website is located at

When you are looking for a modular building company They should be licensed, bonded, and insured. See our license as an example:

Tips for finding a qualified Contractor:
1. Do they have an office in New Mexico or do they sell from out of state?
2. Do they build their own buildings or farm it out to another factory source?
3. Do they have a proven track record of projects in your area?
4. Do they hold the appropriate licenses?
5. Can they provide the building, and site work?
6. How long have they been in business?
7. Can the bond the job? bonding is important and is for the protection of the owner.
8. Do they work with agencies like CES or GSA that make local and federal contracting more efficient?
9. Do they Value you as a client and appreciate your business? Get references!

Finding a contractor to provide modular buildings is an easy task if you do your homework. To contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd in New Mexico:
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Modular Building, Developing A Space Plan

When you are starting a project there are so many things to consider on how to get to the end of the goal which is more space. The best way to make sure you don't over build or under build your new modular building is to have a space plan in place. The reason this is critical is it helps you develop current and future space goals and function and flow on paper before you spend any money on architectural design and re-design.

At Modular Solutions, Ltd our team has a proprietary space planning guide that helps our clients develop realistic space planning goals based on function, flow, and feasibility. It would be great to have a 600 sq ft office for each employee, but that is not usually a practical or feasible solution.

1. How will the space(s) be used, what type of function
2. Who will occupy the modular building
3. How many hours a day will the new modular be occupied
4. Placement of spaces (who needs to be next to who for ease of doing business)
5. Specialty areas...are there any special construction needs in your facility
6. Storage spaces for janitorial, records, materials, etc
7. Conference & training rooms as meetings are an inevitable part of doing business
8. Break room, will you need a place to eat/prepare food maybe even a full service kitchen

This is just a brief glance at the things you should walk through during the preconstruction phase of your modular building project. Contact our team to get a full project assessment and help you plan for function, flow, and feasibility.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Purchasing A Modular Building, Making It Through The Maze

When you start to look at all the options and the variable price range on purchasing a new modular building it can be very overwhelming. There are so many choices, and options, and every option you select can effect the price or the requirements on several other options.


1. Always ask if a substitution will impact the quality (ie a thinner metal gauge, or a packaged door ilo of a real wood door)
2. Ask to see samples of the options-See first hand why or why not the substitution is a good choice
3. Look on the suppliers website. See if they are a strong and viable choice
4. Compare your bid exactly the same, then look at options
5. Are the components meant for commercial modular construction or are you getting residential grade materials
6. Are there any long lead decisions that will impact your schedule of the modular building installation

The goal in the end is to have a quality modular building that will last the same life cycle as a traditional site built structure. When you are investing in a major capital item such as a modular building you want a facility that will endure the test of time, weather, and use.

For more information or a free consultations contact our team in Arizona:
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Modular Building or Steel Building?

Making the decision to go modular or choose a steel building is one that many clients have had to wrestle through. Both have great qualities that make them unique and affordable, and both offer flexible construction options.

Some Tips For Consideration:

1. How quickly do you need your building?
2. Is it a temporary or permanent space need?
3. What is your budget?
4. Special Construction Requirements?
5. Energy Efficient Design Requirements?
6. Floor Load Requirements?
7. Plumbing & Electrical Considerations?
8. Mechanical Considerations?
9. Design-Build Requirements?
10. Permit and Site Challenges?
11. Soil Conditions?
12. Site Access, and Egress?
13. Interior & Exterior Finishes?
14. Local Design Standards?

Each Building will be custom based on many factors, but the best solution is to make an educated buying decision based on your facility goals. Modular Solutions, Ltd team can provide a steel building or a modular building for your site needs.

Contact our team at:
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Modular Buildings Excellent Solution For Unlevel Site Conditions

Need space, but the only location you have SLOPES more than expected? Modular buildings are the perfect solution! When the foundation system is designed properly a modular building is the key to saving money on site work, and getting the building in where you need it to be.

Traditional building construction pads requires lots of dirt work which can become very expensive. Moving Rocks or caleche out of the way can be cost prohibitive for placing a traditional built structure in a location.

1. Pay for a professional survey, know what your site & soil conditions are
2. Make sure an experienced architect is on the team, over design can cost more than the budget can afford
3. Always look for alternative locations, if not available move forward
4. Have a project manager on site to ensure design criteria was met to avoid settling & other possible concerns in the future

Being creative and designing projects that have value & solve space needs are what the modular industry is known for.

For more information contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sound Attenuation In Modular Buildings

Need to keep unauthorized ears from hearing private & privileged conversations?
One important thing to learn about would be sound attenuation. When constructed right modular buildings can STOP SOUND, and keep it in the proper spaces.

What is Sound attenuation? Constructing walls,ceilings,and enclosures (including ductwork) in a manner that will stop sound in a room or area so that the sound vibrations do not continue into unauthorized range.

Who would need this option?
1. Police victim interview rooms
2. Behavioral Health Counseling
3. Medical offices
4. Military or industrial work & meeting rooms

Anywhere you need to keep information secured and privileged.

Tips on how to get there?
there are lots of ways to get sound attenuation (based on the level of STC rating you are expecting)
1. Offset studs and insulate, putting them 8" on center
2. Bring drywall full height to roof rafters
3. Foam & sound boards on the drywall or wall finish to absorb sound
4. Direct supply on mechanical to each sound sensitive area
5. Solid core doors
6. Solid drywall ceiling, ILO drop down T-Grid
7. Double studs and double wall system
8. Backer sound board under gypsum wall covering

For more information consult our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modular Solutions For Restaurant Franchises

Fast food and drive through franchises are located in every small and large town in the USA. Most of the franchises have a "standard" footprint to follow and the way it is constructed is up to the franchise owner. Wouldn't it be great to get your franchise open in 60-90 days instead of 120-180 days?

Tips for franchise construction:
1. Can you get the concrete floor system? Most franchise operations want a concrete floor due to the heavy guest traffic with this type of use.
2. Can you get architectural embellishments? You will want to match the footprint & brand identification flawlessly.
3. Can you get high ceilings? Most restaurant applications are much more welcoming with a higher ceiling.
4. Can you get traditional financing for the deal? If you utilize a slab and have the right credit financing is readily available.

For more details on how to open your dream modular restaurant franchise contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Need to lease a mobile office? Consider your options!

Mobile office buildings are carried "in-stock", and available for short term or temporary space needs. When you are planning your space goals, you should also make sure you consider the long term goals so your company or organization does not spend alot of money on unrecoverable costs.

Great tips to consider when planning on a mobile office lease:
1. What money will be spent on drawings, plans , approvals for a short term fix? Is it better to wait a few more months and just put in your permanent modular building location?
2. What money will be spent on getting utility connections & fire sprinklers or life safety to the site? If the temporary location is near connections this makes great sense. If the connections are far away sometimes a lease can be cost prohibitive.
3. How much time will it really take to get the permits? Many agencies treat a temporary lease like a standard permanent addition, and require full document submittals and review process. This can add months onto a project schedule.
4. Evaluate if this is really a short term fix. There are other options such as lease to own or lease purchase that can add value to the purchase price should you choose to buy the modular building or keep it on site longer than expected.
What other options are there?
Lease with option: This has value of lease payments applied toward the purchase price "prestated" so you know your purchase price at any given time
Lease to own: Typically written as a "lease" with rights to purchase for $1.00 upon fulfillment of lease terms and conditions. Both of the above also have tax benefits in most states.

For more information contact Modular Solutions, Ltd at

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Disaster Recovery, Finding Quick Modular Buildings

After a natural disaster hits (fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, act of terrorism, etc) the clean up and reconstruction must begin. Most communities have an emergency services plan in place to rebuild quickly and utilize local work forces.

Modular buildings have been a longstanding solution for this type of emergency. Modular buildings are in stock or can be built in some cases 30 days or less. What have modular buildings been used to replace?

1. Modular housing: Temporary and long term single family and multi-family
2. Modular clinical facilities: Dental, Emergency, Hospitals
3. Modular Daycare & Educational facilities: For schools and churches
4. Modular Security Booths: For secured access & peace keeping efforts
5. Modular Food Service: Cafeteria, food preparation, and restaurant replacement
6. Modular Police & EMS stations: Temporary & permanent modular sub stations for emergency services
7. Prefabricated Prisons: For holding or detaining in times of crisis
8. Modular Churches: For temporary & permanent replacement
9. Prefabricated Laundry Facilities: Providing clean clothes and washing services for victims
10. Military Mobile Offices: For military & border patrol teams
11. Mobile Offices: For insurance teams and other services that need to mobilize quickly

When you need a quick solution, Modular Solutions are the most affordable and quick answer to disaster recovery.

To learn more contact our Modular Solutions, Ltd team at
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Modular Dialysis Clinic, Who knew?

With an aging population medical care is on the forefront of news topics. One of the fastest growing space needs is for modular dialysis clinics. This is a highly specialized type of construction and has many unique qualities that have to be included in the construction & design of a new modular dialysis clinic. Modular buildings and prefabricated construction offer great benefits such as completing the buildings up to 60% quicker than traditional construction or tenant improvements, and keeping the costs and schedule controlled in a factory environment.

Modular Dialysis Clinic Construction Tips:
1. Conceal the lines in cabinetry, makes the clients feel more comfortable
2. Include the water treatment in the modular building. No phased construction or site construction required
3. Run your floorplans past the health department from inception, gets your doors open more quickly

Hire an expert in the field:

Make sure the modular building manufacturer has constructed this type of building before. Medical firms run with very slim margins and do not have time to run a school on "how" to build a modular dialysis clinic.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has the experience. Contact our team at:
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Unique Modular Building Uses

Modular buildings have been used to serve almost every industry. As an efficient means of construction we are able to offer a more cost-effective solution and put buildings in places where you never thought it possible.

Some fun locations & uses for modular buildings:

1. Modular ticket booths & modular press boxes on top of the grand prix race track
2. Modular concession stands on the TOP of ski resorts
3. Modular "towns" for the military to practice blowing up & target shooting
4. Modular convenience stores, at gas stations and in very rural locations
5. Modular enclosures to hold power, communication, technology,water processing, etc
6. Modular temporary housing for emergency disaster relief
7. Prefabricated sports center
8. Modular fire stations
9. Modular laundry mats
10. Modular bank or financial institution

Additionally there are other traditional uses that you see everywhere and may not even know that they are modular buildings.
1. Modular classroom & daycare additions and complete schools, temporary or permanent
2. Modular clinic buildings for temporary or permanent space solutions
3. Modular office space small and large, temporary or permanent
4. Modular barracks & employee housing facilities
5. Modular churches and religious facilities
6. Industrial modular buildings for light manufacturing and storage
7. Modular restaurants, and modular food service (ie cafeteria for staff or students)
8. Modular homes for residential and multi-family use

No matter what your space need take it to the experts and see if there is a "Modular Solution" for your next expansion.

Contact our team at:
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Modular Buildings, How wide is too wide?

Modular Buildings are a great way to save money and time by fabricating your building 90% complete in the factory. One thing that WILL drive up the cost of your modular building is designing a building that is too wide, or too tall, or too long to meet the state DOT regulations. When you are working with your preconstruction design team make sure you do not spend additional $$'s on oversize road escorts and DOT re-routing.
Tips to ask your modular building company:
1. How wide can my modular building be before we pay extra fees?
2. How tall can my modular building be before we pay extra fees?
3. How long can my modular building be before we pay extra fees?

Generally speaking in the industry you will find 12' (wide) x 60' (long) modular sections. Each state is different and will allow growth without adding too much expense to your project.
Why get a larger section? If you can fit more space into fewer transport loads, this will sometimes save you money. The catch make sure you did not increase your freight costs substantially by adding too much width/height/length.

An experienced design team will help you stay out of trouble, and always find you the best solution and best value.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Modular Buildings in extreme climates

Modular buildings serve communities in extreme heat and extreme cold. The key to getting what you need for your modular building installation is working closely with your design team. Just as you would "weatherize" a home for extreme heat and cold you want to do the same for your new commercial modular building.

1. Make sure your modular building is designed with proper snow load
2. Maximize insulation packages in the roof of your modular building and exterior the exterior walls. R-38/R19 Minimum.
3. Solutions for windows in your modular building, choose at a minimum dual pane, and upgrade if you have the funds

1. Size your mechanical unit on the modular building accordingly & choose an energy star rated brand
2. Think about your door & window facings when placing the modular building on site
3. Think about low water plumbing & landscape for a modular building in high heat conditions
4. As with cold climate upgraded insulation will help you keep lower utility bills
5. Use a reflective solar color for roofs and the modular building. This will help lower your monthly utility bills in the extreme summer months

For more great tips and modular building solutions contact our preconstruction team
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Modular Buildings, Lighting The Way!

When you think of a commercial building you typically think of fluorescent lighting in tubes, laid in 2' x 4' or 2' x 2' grid. While that is one way to accomplish your lighting goals, why not look for a more energy efficient design or a more "fun" way to light up an area.

Some of our clients in the restaurant & retail industry have selected Pendant lighting our wall sconces to have direct and indirect lighting options, with energy efficient bulbs.

There are new & exciting options available for clients that want to spend a little money now, and have lower operational costs in the long run.

Incandescent: On the way to the boneyard
Halogen: Used mostly in industrial applications (produces heat)and requires special handling conditions
Fluorescent: Most common, but disposal can be tricky, fair life cycle, average costing
Compact Fluorescent Lamps: Small version of fluorescent, found in smaller use areas
High-Intensity Discharge Lamps: High and Low Density produce MUCH light, great for outdoor or industrial use
LED (Light Emitting Diodes): Are fastest growing, use less power & much longer life cycle
Current IBC codes require occupancy sensors and other features to be included, so thoughtful design is important to plan approval.

When you make your lighting choices make sure it meets your goals, and your business practices.

Contact our preconstruction team at Modular Solutions, Ltd (800) 441-8577 x 1