Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Shape Should My Church Be?

There has always been the battle of the budget when it comes to designing and constructing church facilities. Sometimes there some really great donations and the facility can really be a dream facility. Other times, a congregation is looking for any way they can save money. There is a fine line between saving money short term and spending money or losing families long term. Some things we frequently do as a team is take prospective congregations into buildings that are "temporary" from traditional construction, and take them into some of our permanent facilities. By visiting different church facilities, seeing the flow of a room, making some noise to see how the sound will travel all good things to help a facilities team gt the most bang for their buck.

Some ideas for modular church construction:
1. Decide how high you want your ceilings: If this is a priority consider the 10' maximum modular or look at our MPanels panelized construction methods
2. Consider span: Wood construction can usually only span 30', if you don't want posts in the way of vision, consider steel clearspan modular construction
3. Consider Curb Appeal: If you don't want a plain BOX, consider alternative design choices such as offset modular design or NON-BOX design of modular systems
4. Sound Travel: Some great modular churches are working well because of sound design (in the walls, on the walls, and floor covering)
5. Noise Control: Restrooms inside are great, but a distraction, consider placement so they are accessible but not distracting to the flow of the sermon

We all know that there are some really great looking modular church buildings around, or perhaps you did not know they were modular.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Safety Ideas For School Construction

Historically schools have always been considered a safe haven for children but that picture of safety has changed over recent years. When school districts come to us and ask how do we create a safe school campus environment there are many solutions in our preconstruction solutions book.

Some common upgrades that are now being included in the standard new school construction package:
1. Panic Alert System: Any employee can identify a dangerous situation and notify the staff, administration, and local authorities.
2. Entry Vestibules: A safety vestibule is a way to lock down a campus so noone can gain direct egress onto the campus without notifying the proper security teams
3. High Technology Security Systems: These systems can be as simple as card readers, or as sophisticated as identification scanners
4. Practice Emergency Lockdowns: Most schools have an emergency plan or lock down plan that allows the staff to practice for security risk situations
5. Parking pass control gates: When upper education levels have parking considerations the access gates are only open with proper security clearance (usually attached to the vehicle)
6. Guard shack: Control entry into the campus with security shacks

No matter what the security challenge is our team can help develop a solutions to have safe and secure schools.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Modular Solutions Going Global

Modular buildings are used in the United States for temporary and permanent space solutions and in every region. We belong to an organization MBI, that promotes the globalization of modular construction. In recent months the new members of other countries have almost outpaced our new members in the USA. When you look at the rich history of some of those countries they have not wanted to consider modular construction as a viable option. Breaking the concept of thought that their method of construction has worked for thousands of years is sometimes an uphill battle. There is however a new movement which has begun encouraging young architects and design engineers to look at alternative construction methods and a better way to build. With all of the sustainable, and green options that prefabrication offers young design teams are tackling the age old problems of what is a better way to build in our region.

By discovering the true time and money savings available with off-site prefabricated construction an entire new generation is discovering there really is a better way to build!


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