Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fast Food Industry Discovers Secret Construction Method For Faster Construction

 Construction technology has been the same old method, same old process for thousands of years. 

There is a little know, and well kept secret that the fast food industry giants do not want to share-but it is time for everyone to learn about this fabulous hybrid construction technology.

Most fast food restaurants have a 120 day window to open from ground breaking to taking orders.  With traditional construction that means sub contractors are crawling all over each other on a very small pad, in a sometimes unsafe manner with traditional construction methods.

Let us introduce you to this accelerated method of construction that will have you blazing through your new restaurant construction effortlessly.  Our expert team will guide you through the permits, construction, and full the warranty process.

Learn about all the benefits of prefabricated construction technology.   We build your major components in the plant, and can set on a traditional crawl space system or a concrete slab.   Why not choose a more streamlined method of construction with a single point of contact and a highly effective means of project delivery.   Many of the fast food stores you enter have been built prefabricated & you just did not know it.

Call our team today for a free estimate and more details on ALL the benefits of prefabricated construction.

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